Tom Townsend

Level 3 qualified ABCC coach with Downing Cycling and currently racing for Vredestein Basso

Hi, I'm Tom Townsend, a Level 3 qualified ABCC coach with Downing Cycling and currently racing for Vredestein Basso.

I’m the modern generation of cyclist in that right from the start, I’ve grown up on a diet of power meters and almost infinite data availability. I’m fascinated by the science of training with power and over the years, I’ve developed the ability to interpret cycling data in great detail and then apply that knowledge to performance improvement plans.

I’ve been a Downing Cycling Coached Rider myself since 2018, working with Dean Downing to improve both my power and endurance, as well as my racecraft. In the last 4 years of following a structured training plan, I have taken my threshold from 250W (3.8w/kg) to 380W (5.8w/kg). Quite simply, smart, structured training works.

In September 2019, I was involved in a serious ‘car on bike’ accident and very nearly lost my life. When I woke up in ICU, two days later, I had a broken neck, pelvis, collar bone, cheekbones and very serious concussion (a Grade 2 Diffuse Axonal injury to be precise). Dean himself had suffered from a concussion a few years earlier and so, together, we carefully designed a step by step return to cycling. Whilst the return was a slow, arduous process, one year later, I was stronger than before the accident and Dean and I have therefore developed a particular expertise in rehabilitation for cyclists suffering from head injuries.

The bottom line is that whether you’re a rider aiming to tackle your very first sportive or a World Tour pro, structured training plans work and I specialise in designing and then constantly tweaking such plans. Each and every rider is different and every plan I deliver is bespoke.

If you’re considering enrolling with a coach and would like to find out more about how I work, or simply want to say hello, please email me at